What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) lets you borrow what you need, when you need it. You use cash from your home's equity at your convenience, and only pay for what you spend. 
Equity line of credit vs. a credit line
The process

Add to your home, pay off other debts or whatever you wish!   

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At no charge; we'll help you determine whether a Home Equity Loan makes sense with your current financial needs and goals. As a homeowner, you might save as much as $1,000 or more every month by consolidating your personal and/or credit card debt into a Home Equity Line of Credit.

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We have all of the options for you. If you wish to consolidate debt, remodel your house, buy a car or pay off college expenses, etc; a Home Equity loan or line of credit is a viable option for you!

Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit
You can choose from a traditional loan or a line of credit, where you borrow only what you need. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each and decide which would be best for you.

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