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30 Year Fixed


3.966% APR

Apr 24, '17

15 Year Fixed


3.260% APR

Apr 24, '17

FHA 30 Year Fixed


3.780% APR

Apr 24, '17

5/1 Arm


3.333% APR

Apr 24, '17

Please contact one of our Mortgage Loan Officers to review your personal loan scenario or request a custom rate quote. Interest rates are dependant on applicant's loan to value (LTV) ratio, credit score, rate lock term, escrows, loan amount and state residence. VA, MHDC and USDA loans are available. For ARM loans, APR can increase after consummation. Rates shown below for borrowers with following qualifications:

  • 740+ credit score with 75% loan to value ratio
  • Loan amount of $160,000 with property taxes in escrow
  • Single-family primary residence in St. Louis Market
  • Excludes taxes and insurance; total payment will be higher.
  • Use our mortgage calculators to determine terms of repayment, amount of each payment, and the period of time payments will apply.